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After 32 years with the same behemoth telecom giant I am deeply immersed in corporate middle management. Life many of you, my work is at times both a blessing and a burden. Is it working to live or living to work? You can expect a few blogs on that subject.


On the topics of parenting, I’m looking forward to sharing the basics of Love and Logic with you. Jim Fay and Foster Cline began teaching Love and Logic more than 40 years ago Vanessa and I discovered and began using and sharing it when our twins were about 4 and have used it since. We trained and became certified Love and Logic instructors. It is a parenting approach that has changed our lives and is very intuitive and amazingly effective! Once you embrace the concepts that is. And the key is to be consistent.

Are you a 30 something trying to figure out your parents? I can help you with that 🙂


There are also topics of eating and cooking.  More specifically, using the grill & smoker. My focus is on balancing that with living a semi-healthy life.  And that part will include a favorite topic of mine, meditation!


It won’t be all about work, parenting, grilling and attempts at staying healthy. It will include the topic of Travel.  My focus will be on family travel and my thoughts on ecotravel and ecotourism. And I want to explore the topic that will have the most profound impact to how and where we travel. One that will drive an evolution that the tourism industry has not experienced since Marco Polo’s visit to China. The issue of “overtourism”. (Queue the dramatic music)

There are so many fantastic travel bloggers trekking the world today. They write about every facet of travel from every possible viewpoint and perspective, although the overwhelming majority are mid 30’s and under.  It can be overwhelming at times trying to filter what is relevant or interesting to you from all the possible sources on the internet. In addition to our own travels, I will feature those blogs and writers that are relevant and interesting to me. An old head middle-management grilling and meditating travel loving parent of middle school twins. Once who also has occasional commentary on Spirituality and the Seattle Seahawks.

Boiling it down

If a “Zen and the art of surviving the daily chaos of life” type of lifestyle blog appeals to you more than yet another version of “The Experts Guide to You and Travel!”, then stop back and see what’s new on our continually “Emerging Path”.